Pleurocystites squamosus – Ordovician – Canada

Pleurocystites squamosus


Canada, Ontario, Bobcaygeon formation of Brechin


Specimen 1


Fossil Cystoid Pleurocystites Ont.Trilobite Crinoid Age

Item number: 250310205983

Price: US $530.00 

End: Oct-26-08 18:00:34 PDT

Seller: quillsandquarries

Buyer: brian.whiteley

Description: Up for bid is an amazing multiple Ordovician cystoid slab recently found here in the Bobcaygeon formation of Brechin, Ontario.  This is a text book example of a mass mortality plate with 24 exceptionally preserved Pleurocystites squamosus squirming over each other. Most of the cystoids are dorsally positioned, and some are in the ventral position displaying detailed body structure.  All the specimens are about the same size 3 in. (7.6 cm) long and are nicely inflated.  The limestone plate weighs 3 lbs. 9.9 oz. (1643 g) and has been personally prepped with glue work on some of the arms and tails of the cystoids.  This outstanding piece is ready for display and will truly enhance any echinoderm collection.

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