Jimbacrinus bostocki – Permian – Australia

Jimbacrinus bostocki

Permian (lower Artinskian)

Cundlego Formation, near Gascoyne Junction, Western Australia


Specimen 1


Multiple Crinoid Plate, Jimbacrinus, Permian, Australia

Item number: 160294736029

Price: US $ 3,500.00 buy it now

End: Nov-08

Seller: fossilsource

Description: This is a very special fossil offering for a number of reasons! It is a large slab of unusual fossil crinoids from Australia. The species of crinoid is Jimbacrinus bostocki & almost everyone that has seen it is reminded of the creatures that were on the movie, The Matrix. These however are real fossils & they are just incredible! I had 2 plates like this & the other one is now in the possession of a major US museum. One of the primary reasons this is a special offering is that it comes with full paperwork, showing that this is a totally legal fossil for me to sell & you to own. I will include a copy of the original customs paperwork from Australia showing that it was legally imported in 1987. This is most significant because Australia is virtually foremost in the world in not allowing Australian fossils to be exported, so it certainly has a bearing on the rarity. I will also include the scientific paper describing these incredible crinoids & the locality they came from. This is a large plate that measures approx. 12″ x 13″, weighs nearly 13 pounds, & contains AT LEAST 26 individual crinoid crowns w/arms (that look like tentacles!). I say at least 26 because there are undoubtedly more to be exposed, several are showing on the reverse side as shown in one of the pictures. The preservation, detail, & colors are simply outstanding! To make this offering all the more exciting, I am offering FREE SHIPPING worldwide! You can either accept the buy it now, or make an offer, but be reasonable! I’ve had this a very long time & I consider it one of the best fossils I have in my collection now, so don’t miss out on this one. It is from Permian age deposits (lower Artinskian), Cundlego Formation, near Gascoyne Junction, Western Australia.




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