Stenopterygius quadriseissus – Jurassic – Germany

Stenopterygius quadriseissus

Early Jurassic

Holzmaden, Germany


Stenpterygius quadriseissus

Stenpterygius quadriseissus

Specimen 1

1469: Ichthyosaur From Holzmaden, Germany

Item number: 320313489945

Start price: US $2,500.00

Estimate: $5,000.00 – US $6,500.00

Lot number: 1469 (View all lots)

Auction Date: Nov-15-08 10:00:00 PST 

Seller: i-lgoldbergcoinsandcollectibles “eBay Live Auction”

Ichthyosaur From Holzmaden, Germany. The 180 million year old Ichthyosaurs are the most famous and popular of the fossils found in the slate pits of Holzmaden, Germany. Of all the aquatic reptiles of their time, the dolphin-like Ichthyosaurs were the best adapted to their environment and were known to have live births. This large 31 inch long Stenpterygius quadriseissus Ichthyosaur is well articulated with the excellently defined 3-dimensional bones that Holzmaden is known for, missing only the snout on the head and two of the legs. There are some teeth visible as well as a sclerotic ring, which was a bony plate surrounding the eye giving it protection. The delicate rib bones, body and tail vertebrae, as well as two of the foot paddles are in excellent condition and the Ichthyosaur is nicely centered on the 33 x 19 inch natural stone matrix. Complete Ichthyosaurs from Holzmaden sell for more than $25,000. This remarkably well preserved specimen should be a bargain due to its missing snout. Our item number 139048



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