Ophiura wetherelli – Eocene – Italy

Ophiura wetherelli


Tuscany, Italy


Specimen 01

BRITTLE STAR FOSSIL Ophiura wetherelli Starfish Fossils

Item number: 350123531500

bid: US $358.61 

Ended: Nov-20-08 19:28:00 PST

Winning bidder: e***y

Seller: fossilfarm-uk


Brittle Star Fossil

Multi Ophiura wetherelli specimen from Italy

Up for auction here is a superb multi Brittle Star assemlage from the Eocene of Tuscany, Italy (approx. 45,000,000 years old). An exceptionally rare piece with 7 specimens on a single plate, with several other species. A good solid slab measuring 11.5″ x 10″ x 2.5″. As the photos show, wonderful preservation and detail throughout. (Please conact us if you require any more pictures).

We acquired 2 collections of fossils a short while ago and amongst them were some choice material which we are now listing here on eBay… I have never seen another fossil like this on Ebay before!

Brittle stars are echinoderms, possessing a skeleton of Calcium carbonate (calcite), allowing for spectacularly accurate preservation during fossilization. Their hard outer skeleton aided their habitation of very deep water, often in excess of 500m… More information on these fascnating ancient creatures can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brittle_star

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