Pentacrinites spp. – Jurassic – England

Pentacrinites spp.

Early Jurassic (Lower Lias) 200 to 195 million years ago,

Pentacrinites Band of the Black Ven, Lyme Regis, Dorset England







Plate measures a Very Large 9 x 11.5 inches

Item number: 120344035940

Winning bid: US $769.00 

Ended: Dec-07-08 19:09:42 PST

Winning bidder: o***a ( 47)

Seller: haie-there (704)


Here’s an absolutely incredible offering from an old collection. Virtually every single crinoid segment on this plate is solid pyrite. There are several bright and stable areas that the camera doesn’t fully pick-up; you’ll be amazed at the metallic sheen of this specimen. Added to this is the fact that I don’t think the fossil was fully prepped- I’m not sure if you can chemically “clean pyrite” or treat it to even out the hues on this plate, but once this plate is fully prepped it’ll be an incredible specimen to behold. This plate is from the famous pyrite beds of the Black Venn. The pyrite layer has long been mined by public access and you can occasionally find fragmentary specimens on the market but there’s absolutely nothing out there like this anymore. I happened upon this piece awhile back. It had been in a private collection for at least thirty years and- given the use of plaster in its preparation- I’d say it was probably found long before that. (Plaster has been used in fossil prep since the beginning of the science well over a hundred years ago. Nowadays we have all sorts of resins and epoxies and plastics but prior to this, what would you do if a fossil needed stability? Mix a bowl of plaster, pour it in a wooden mold and carefully lay your fossil into the hardening plaster.) Anyhow. I’m preparing to upgrade my collection and I’m selling some of my collector pieces just in time for Christmas so- here’s an incredible chance to get a very rare and museum quality pyritized crinoid at a reasonable price. Full specs are Pentacrinites spp. Early Jurassic (Lower Lias) 200 to 195 million years ago, Pentacrinites Band of the Black Ven, Lyme Regis, Dorset England. Free insured shipping in the continental US. Good luck, thanks for looking and be sure to keep an eye out for my other auctions. And have a great Christmas.


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