Caloceras johnstoni (plate) – Jurassic – England


Caloceras johnstoni 

Blue Lias (Hettangian)

Watchet, Somerset, England

  see also: Caloceras johnstoni – Jurassic – England



largest multi plate caloceras ever. 25 specimens

Item number: 290280736859

US $ 9,999.00 

Ended: Dec-09-08 06:30:42 PST

Seller: fossilfarm-uk ( 2248)


Caloceras johnstoni multi Ammonite plate 4ft 8″ by 2ft 2″ – 25 on ONE plate

From Watchet, Somerset, England

This is a huge single piece originally dug out by hand in the 1960’s.. It was in a private collection until about 18 months ago when we purchased it and cleaned it here in our workshop in Hastings.. Until that time it was still mostly covered in its shale and the ammonites needed to be uncovered. There is over a months worth of prep work on this single piece. You will never see another one as large as this anywhere. All these amazing ammonites are as found, NONE have been stuck on or added, its an original piece. Because the site is SSSI and on the world heritage list fossil collecting from the area is prohibited. This means that if you want one of the nicest display pieces money can buy, nows your chance. I have no more of these and can’t envisage ever getting another like this.

These thin-walled Ammonites are crushed, as are most of the Ammonites found in this locality. Flattening of the specimen has increased the area of iridescence of the shell, which is composed of alternating layers of aragonite and conchiolin or the minerals that have replaced them during fossilization. These not only transmit light but also diffract it, acting as a Rowland prism to divide light into its component parts while reinforcing certain wave lengths, in this case spectacular greens (and even some turquoise), much as the prisms do in satellites that study the chemical composition of the stars.

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