Lebonichthys sp. – Cretaceous – Lebanon


Lebonichthys sp.

Middle Cretaceous, Cenomanian Stage (95 mya)

Hakel, Lebanon





Item number: 270297418552

Winning bid: US $39.00 

Ended: Nov-10-08 19:18:54 PST

Winning bidder: r***k

Seller: lowellcarhart



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DESCRIPTION: The diagnosis for this genus reads: “Small to middle-sized fishes of very slender elongate outline. Head long and shallow. Snout pointed. Gape rather long. Eyes large. Dorsal fin broad-based, beginning in the anterior half of the body and decreasing in height posteriorly, opposite the fin triangular. Pectoral fins long and narrow. Caudal fin forked with relatively broad lobes.” It is a member of the Teleostei group, which arose in the Triassic period. The genus is further divided into the bonefishes which are a family (Albulidae) of ray-finned fish. While this genus is extinct, there are other genera of bonefish that are extant. The bonefishes are and this genus presumably was also a brackish or saltwater fish typically living in estuaries and travelling out to sea to spawn on a lunar cycle. They feed in the shallow sand and mud flats, on animals that live on the bottom like worms, mollusks, shrimps, and crabs. They use their conical shaped snouts to root out their prey and can often be seen with their tail out of the water. Bonefishes possess crushing teeth in the palate. (Source: Wikipedia)

GENUS: Lebonichthys (Forey, 1973)
AGE: Middle Cretaceous, Cenomanian Stage (95 mya)
FOUND: Hakel, Lebanon
MATRIX: 5.75 inches x 3.25 inches
SPECIMEN: 4.3 inches
WEIGHT: 1.75 pounds net / 3.9 pounds shipping (estimated)

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