Lloydolithus lloydi – Ordovician – UK

Lloydolithus lloydi with pygidia of Ogygiocarella

Llanvirn Series; Llandelian Stage (Middle Ordovician)

Meadowtown, Shropshire, UK






Double pyritised Lloydolithus lloydi: Llandelian of UK

Sharp preservation in bright, stable pyrite!

Item number: 170290654499

price: US $44.50 

Buyer: 1***c ( 76)

Seller: ihjatefootball ( 926)


Offered is a double finely preserved and pyritised Lloydolithus lloydi, from the Llanvirn Series; Llandelian Stage of Meadowtown, Shropshire. The trianguler matrix is approx. 15.0cm X 9.0cm. The complete specimens are1.2 cm and 1.5cm.

This example is from a restricted horizon of contact metamorphosed (aldonised) mudstone occuring within the Llanvirn Series in Shropshire. Here the fossils are replaced in granular chalcopyrite, introduced by the metamorphism, hence their metallic sheen. 

Great price  for a very attractive double specimen, with pygidia of Ogygiocarella in association.

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