Ceraurus pleurexanthemus – Ordovician – Canada

Ceraurus pleurexanthemus

Bobcayon Formation of Ontario, Canada

Middle Ordovician





 Beautiful pyritised Ceraurus pleurexanthemus: Canada

very good preservation with both librigena intact!

Item number: 170290739016

price: US $62.50 

Buyer: 1***c (76)

Seller: ihjatefootball (926)

Offered is a very unusual item; a good sized (4.5cm) inflated and well preserved, 3D example of the distinctive Cheirurid Ceraurus pleurexanthemus, preserved in a stable, bright metallic pyrite.

The specimen is from the Middle Ordovician, Bobcayon Formation of Ontario, Canada. As with certain UK and Moroccan limestone horizons, the % of pyrite in the preserving sediment of the exoskelton is such that a metallic sheen develops when brushed. This example has some exoskeleton missing from the  posterior of the thorax and pygidium spines, but is otherwise a fine specimen. It is on a piece of matrix approx. 10cm X 8cm X 3cm.

Great price for a genuine and unusually preserved Canadian trilobite!

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