Micropristis solomonis, Scombroclupea gaudryi – Cretaceous – Lebanon

Micropristis solomonis + Scombroclupea gaudryi

Cenomanian (93-97): Middle Cretaceous

Hajoula, (Hadjula) Lebanon




Fossil SAWFISH Micropristis Lebanon 75+ teeth

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Item number: 300281362363

price: US $1,500.00 (not sold)

Ended: Dec-21-08 19:30:00 PST

Seller: greydutchboy (38)

Extremely rare fossilized Sawfish from Lebanon

This is a great piece to own if you collect only rare Lebanese specimens, if you appreciate the amazing detail on a fossil that requires the perfect conditions for preservation or if you want a species that is totally unique from tip to tail! The custom made oak base impressively displays this in your home, in the office, conference room ……..

For those not familiar with Lebanese fossils, the matrix is a sublithographic limestone. This was formed by the finest of sediments and therefore this area is one of the few places in the world where cartilageous fish have been preserved. This specimen, Micropristis solomonis, was a bottom dweller, found typically in areas near the shoreline, in less than 32 feet of water. However, the ocean in this particular area was thought to be further away from land because more deep sea fish have been found here. The uniquely designed rostra was used to probe the muddy bottom and to slash and stun their prey.

The original 3″ thick plate came in three pieces which have been put back together. The plate was split open to reveal the fossil, diamond cut to size and micro sandblasting was then used to uncover the more than 75 teeth. This specimen has absolutely no enhancements (common to many Lebanese fossils prepped in Italy). Only a small tip of the tail is missing because the matrix at some geological point in time fractured and the 1/8″ wide void was filled in with calcite crystals. As you will see from the pictures, the details are outstanding.

By the way, this species was discovered by O.P. Hay in 1903 on Mount Lebanon in Syria. It was originally classed as Upper Cretaceous which has been refined as seen below.

Name 1: Micropristis solomonis

Taxonomy: Chondrichthyes (cartilagous fish), ….Sclerorhynchidae (sawfish)

Name 2: Scombroclupea gaudryi (small fish on plate measuring 1-3/4″)

Location: Hajoula, (Hadjula) Lebanon

Age: Middle Cretaceous

Layer: Cenomanian layer (93-97)

Plate size: 23″ x 7-5/8″ x 1-1/4″ thick

Plate weight: 20 lbs.

Fossil size: 20-1/4″ x 6-7/8″

This plate was originally priced at $3,000 but I am offering it below my cost, so a reasonable offer near $1500 would be greatly appreciated! However, the best offer over $800 will still win this specimen at the end of the day Sunday.

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