Allocrioceras conlini, Nannometoicoceras acceleratum – Cretaceous – USA


Allocrioceras conlini + Nannometoicoceras acceleratum

Eagle Ford group, Britton formation, Dallas County, Texas
Upper Cretaceous period



RARE Juvenile Heteromorph Ammonites Allocrioceras Nest

Item number: 260312220336

price: US $499.95 

Ended: Jan-05-09 (1664) – The Paleo Shop 

Allocrioceras conlini

Class: Cephalopoda
Order: Ammonoidea
Suborder: Ancyloceratina
Superfamily: Turrilitaceae
Family: Anisoceratidae
Subfamily: Diplomoceratinae
Genus: Allocrioceras

Collected from the:
Eagle Ford group
Britton formation
Upper Cretaceous period
Dallas County, Texas

A very interesting slab with juvenile Allocrioceras conlini. A very interesting and possibly valuable research piece. This is one of only 3 small slabs recovered containing this very rare glimpse of developing heteromorphs.
There are also juvenile Nannometoicoceras acceleratum.
The slab measures 3.25″ x 2.37″

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