Dickinsonia tenuis ?, Pailiella pateliformis & ass. – Cambrian – USA

Dickinsonia tenuis ?, Pailiella pateliformis & Medusoids


Mt. Simon Complex, Wisconsin, USA


 Specimen 01 

Cambrian Dickinsonid medusa jellyfish fossil slab W16

Item number: 280301969089

Winning bid: US $199.95 

Ended: Jan-17-09 15:02:04 PST

Winning bidder: s***f (5)

Seller: kdavis7fossils (33)

 A very good quality multislab of small Pailiella type jellyfish, undescribed medusoids and leaf shaped Dickinsonids (?) preserved as organic stains within hard quartzitic sandstone. Some of the specimens are distinctly 3D (note the central ‘blob’ to the four specimens in each corner of the slab).This specimen is from the Cambrian age Mt. Simon Complex of Wisconsin – a site famous for the abundant jellyfish that have been found there. The 15 specimens are on a block measuring 4.5 inches long and it is a nice display piece.

Specimen 02

Dickinsonia tenuis?, Pailiella pateliformis & Medusoids……………………$250
A very good quality slab preserving many different sizes and shapes of soft bodied organisms including leaf shaped Dickinsonids.  Block measures 4 inches wide – Order Reference – W17

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One Response to Dickinsonia tenuis ?, Pailiella pateliformis & ass. – Cambrian – USA

  1. William F. Klose II says:

    This specimen is now in the Collections of the Museum of the Earth at the Paleontological Research Institution, Ithaca, NY (Catalog #K22641)

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