Peronopsis interstricta – Cambrian – USA

Peronopsis interstricta


Wheeler formation of central Utah, USA



Specimen 01

Fossil Trilobite Peronopsis Interstricta Cambrian

Item number: 360112392863

price: US $4.00 

fossil-stuff ( 4159) – Brents Fossil Store

Blind Fossil Trilobite, Peronopsis interstricta

This Trilobite Peronopsis interstricta is from the Wheeler formation of central Utah, Cambrian time period. These are small blind Trilobites. This one measures 9 MM and the matrix is 29 by 40 MM.


Specimen 02

Fossil Trilobite Peronopsis in matrix LOTS of bugs!!

Item number: 110339383031

Starting bid: US $22.50 

Ended: Jan-24-09 14:50:29 PST

Seller: fossils101 ( 174)

This trilobite plate has multiple Peronopsis sp. specimens.  This well-known Peronopsis species is a small and blind trilobite found in Wheeler Shale formation in Utah.  It is about 550 million years old.  This plate is fairly thick and shows evidence of fossil material at other layers in the plate.  The plate measures approximately 9.25 x 2.25 x 1.25 inches and weighs about 1.5 POUNDS.

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