Captorhinus Magnus – Permian – USA


Captorhinus Magnus

Arroyo Formation, Lawton, Oklahoma, USA




Complete Permian Age Reptile On Matrix Oklahoma

Item number: 190281637088

Winning bid: US $950.00 

Ended: Jan-25-09 21:50:37 PST

Winning bidder: v***d 12

Seller: grear 3084

Age: Permian

Species: Captorhinus Magnus

Formation: Arroyo

Location: Lawton Oklohoma

This is a very  rare fossil permian reptile. Its known as a Captorhinus Aguti. This is a real fossil and is not a cast or model. The bones are Black on this one because it comes from the upper layer in the quarry that has more Pyrite mineral in it. It was found in a soft clay and all the bones have been cleaned and the reptile composited on this matrix. We mount it in a 3-D mount to give it a nice look. I have shipped them all over the world with no problems. The skeleton is 12 inches long with a 2 inch skull. There is about 20% restoration and only about 10% to the skull. All the teeth are real. The skull comes off for safe shipping.


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