Palaeocoma egertoni – Jurassic – England

Palaeocoma egertoni

Early Jurassic, Pliensbachian Stage (195 million years ago)

Starfish Beds, Eype, Dorset, England



Palaeocoma egertoni uk brittle star fossil

Item number: 290290485900

Starting bid: GBP 175.00 (approximately US $252.30)  

price: GBP 199.00 

Ended: Jan-29-09 11:52:16 PST

Seller: djfossilsandminerals (973) – DJ Fossils and Minerals

Palaeocoma egertoni jurassic britlestar fossil

A very rare member of the Ophiuroidea, or Brittlestars, these examples of Palaeocoma egertoni. are getting so rare Coming from a well known UK location, these brittle stars are very detailed . The hard sandy limestone is extreemly difficult to prepare, the preparato rwho has done this fossil has done an exceptional job to exspose this superb specimen from the lump of rock that he found these fossils are so fragile but the man is very skilled in how he has prepared this superb fossil try and find another from the uk on ebay youre chance to own one

Palaeocoma egertoni

Phylum Echinodermata; Class Ophiuroidea

age: Early Jurassic Pliensbachian Stage (195 million years ago)

Size overall length is 2 inch but would be 4 inch long if outstreched matrix 6.5 inch by 4.5 inch

Fossil Site: Starfish Beds, Eype, Dorset, england


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