Scutella paulensis – Miocene – France

Scutella paulensis


Doue Anjou, France

Scutella paulensis

Scutella paulensis



Item number: 290295228611

Winning bid: US $11.50 

Ended: Feb-19-09 19:22:00 PST

Winning bidder: 1***1 ( 18 )

Seller: fossilfarm-uk ( 2540 )

Fossil Echinoid

A rare Fossil Scutella paulensis, from the Miocene of Doue Anjou, France. A classic and displayable species of Echinoid, sought after by serious collectors worldwide. A highly detailled example measuring 2.25″ across.

5 Responses to Scutella paulensis – Miocene – France

  1. maria says:

    i love this fossil its really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. maria says:

    where doing this thing in scince class and im using this as my fossil!

  3. maria says:

    where did this fossil live at?

  4. Giuseppe Buono says:

    The genus Scutella should be have had a global distribution (I’m not sure but I’ll check it as soon as I’have a little time…).
    Also The specie S.paulensis has had a large distribution (at least in West Europe) even if not always the specimens are so well preerved.
    The best localities are surely in France (there are some fossil sellers on the web that sell very beautiful specimens)(e.g. link:
    If you need more detailed info (for example about the distribution in your geographic area) you are welcome !!
    Thanks for your interest and …
    Greetings from Plymouth, UK !!!

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