Chotecops ferdinandi – Devonian – Germany

Chotecops ferdinandi


Hunsruck / Bundenbach shales of Germany






Giant Trilobite with legs, antennae, etc. Chotecops!

7 CM trilobite ventral view prep, Bundenbach, Germany

Item number: 120379224566

price: US $4,500.00 

Ended: Feb-22-09 17:09:51 PST

Seller: veomega ( 483 ) – Devonian Depot

Here’s one the the largest and best defined trilobites with legs I’ve ever seen. From the Hunsruck / Bundenbach shales of Germany. Devonian in age.
Essentially, its so big ( 7 cm long x 4 cm wide) that you don’t need a magnifying glass to see the legs, they’re right there! You can actually run your fingers along it and feel the legs. Not only are the legs there, so are both antennae and one of the eyes. There might be a Hypostome and other features as well, but they’re not as obvious. This piece was professionally prepped under a microscope in Germany. No restoration, it’s a partial trilobite, but at least 2/3’s of it.
Species is Chotecops ferdinandi.
The locality is not easily accessible these days, so it’s unlikely you’ll see pieces like this for a while.
Measurements: The trilobite is at an angle and is curved, so use the picture with the ruler to get the best measure, measuring from the left edge to the tip of the cephalon is 7 cm. Or if you just measure the body before the head, the left side is 4 cm and the right side is 2.5 cm. The body is 4 cm wide throughout. See the pictures.
Matrix size: 14 cm x 11 cm.

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