Association of Trilobites – Ordovician – China

Trilobite Multiple Plate (two Asaphopsoides sp., at least five Norinia convexa, and five Paraszechuanella sp.)


Yinchufu Series of Yongshun, Hunan Province, China



Amazing 12+ Specimen Chinese Trilobite Multiple Plate

Ordovician, Yinchufu Series, Hunan Province , China

Item number: 260370177113

Winning bid: US $415.00 

Ended: Mar-08-09 12:23:59 PDT

Winning bidder: e***t ( 139 )

Seller: fossilsinc ( 370 )


Offered here is a huge  trilobite multiple plate from the Ordovician Yinchufu Series of Yongshun, Hunan Province, China.

There are 12+ trilobites including: two Asaphopsoides sp. one measuring 8+ inches the other measuring 4.5+ inches. There are at least five Norinia convexa measuring 2.5 – 3 inches, and five Paraszechuanella sp. 1.5 – 2 inches. The matrix measures 22 x 14 x 1  inches and weighs 21 lbs. The trilobite was prepped in China and collected at the edge of the trilobite bearing sediments. Thus there is a certain amount of natural weathering on the specimen. This is a superb piece of ancient seafloor showing the natural grouping trilobites.This trilobite plate is part of an old collection that I obtained at the Tucson Show. These huge Chinese trilobites have been pretty much been unavailable for over a decade.

I will begin bidding at $100. with no reserve. Have fun bidding!!

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